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Top 8 Traits of Valuable SMB Software Development Services

by | Jul 22, 2021

Making a move to customized software can have a significant impact on your business. It can lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention, more efficient operations, and strong ROI.

But all of those things are only possible if you work with a software development firm with the experience, resources, and knowledge to build the application your company deserves.

How do you know which SMB software development services will provide the best value? There are plenty of actions you can take to determine if an agency is prepared to take on your project.

For example, visiting their website, reviewing client feedback, and scheduling a meeting with them can help you gain valuable insights. However, the key to identifying valuable software development services is to look for these eight traits.


They offer transparency from the start.

One of the biggest complaints customers have about past software development experiences is a lack of transparency, particularly when it comes to pricing and project schedules.

Although every business has different needs, an experienced and trustworthy software development service can provide you with a clear estimate for both the cost of the application and the amount of time it will take to complete it.

Beyond that, it’s also a good idea to avoid companies that take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your project. Instead, look for a reputable service that willingly discusses your project and expectations before providing base estimates.


They recognize the need for flexibility.

That “one-size-fits-all” approach isn’t only an indicator of poor transparency; it can also give you insights into how flexible (or not) a development service is.

One of the most beneficial characteristics of custom-designed software is that the results are something unique to your company. You can often gauge flexibility in early discussions while you relay your vision.

When a development firm pushes you towards a prefabricated design, it may indicate that they’re not willing or able to deliver the customization you need to keep customers satisfied and operations flowing smoothly.


They take security seriously.

Security is paramount to software development at any level, whether you’re a small business or an enterprise company.

During the development process, and potentially after your application goes live, the firm you work with is a custodian of your intellectual property (IP) and any related data.

Therefore, before you contract a firm to create your custom software, make it a point to ask about their security procedures and policies, specifically how and where they store your IP and source code as well as what tech stack and resources they use.


They have valuable industry experience.

You don’t want to leave the future of your company in just any hands. Software development isn’t always a straightforward process, and there’s value in working with a firm with a proven track record of success.

Often, you can find this by reading reviews, seeking feedback from other clients, and reviewing leadership. It’s also a good idea to research their accomplishments in the development community.

  • Do they have a collection of white papers that act as evidence of their experience?
  • Have they won any industry awards?
  • Do members of leadership actively engage in the technology community?

The answers to all of these questions can help you gauge the company’s collective level of experience.

What if they’re a new company? Every organization starts somewhere; that doesn’t mean a brand new development company should be off the table.

If the company you’re considering is relatively new, you can gain insights from the professional experiences of their leadership and team.


They work with a robust tech stack.

A technology stack refers to the technology services that any given organization relies on to run and manage business operations, including coding frameworks, programming languages, and developer tools.

Not every company depends on the same tech stack, and so an experienced development firm will likely have a tech stack that can accommodate the needs of different organizations and industries.


They value application ownership.

One of the most significant benefits of custom software is leaving behind the limitations and restrictions associated with third-party software; that includes how you manage, alter, and improve your application.

Don’t settle for anything less than full ownership of your software, including source code and documentation.

If you do, you can face significant challenges down the road, especially if the business closes, changes ownership, or otherwise disrupts your service.


They focus on the long-term viability.

Over time, your business will change, and that means you need software that will adapt to your evolving needs.

Strong software development organizations prioritize scalability by analyzing your current needs and anticipating future ones. When this type of analysis feeds design, the result is an application that scales alongside your business and an investment that will last years to come.

Without that consideration, you may find yourself in need of costly updates or new software.


They build long-term relationships.

Many development companies can simply get the job done, but they don’t always focus on post-launch relationships. The best SMB software development services recognize the value of continued support and strong, long-term relationships.

You can identify this sentiment by asking about their post-launch support or any product guarantees they may offer. If they don’t offer either, you may want to consider a different candidate.

Don’t trust your software development needs to just any service provider.

Your organization deserves a software development service that will understand your needs, create a product that will grow with your company, and see your success as their own. The traits above can be valuable indicators of a valuable SMB service. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how DADEN strives to embody each and every trait above.

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