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Our Process

Our 7-step software development process

Secures open lines of communication, and guarantees the highest quality work.





Personalization Through Our 7-step Development Process


Innovation Sessions

We meet to learn about your business and industry and to begin piecing together the software you envision will fulfill your needs and wishes.


Wireframing and Planning

Our project managers piece together what was gathered during the innovation sessions and transcribe it to a sort of visual map (known as a wireframe) that communicates the logistics and flow of the software.


Visual Design

Once the wireframe is refined, our team will design a set of mock screens that show how the software would look and be used.



Our developers code the visual design to life.


Quality Assurance

The developers and project managers test the software to ensure its appropriate functionality and accuracy to the client’s wishes.


Go Live

We use white-glove deployment to set up our clients with their new software.


Project Maintenance

We maintain our client’s projects by addressing all requests for additions and edits and quickly fixing any bugs.

DADEN 7-Step Development Process


Transparency Through Open Communication

Many of our clients speak poorly of their past software development partners in regard to their commitment to transparency. They tell us first that their partners did not clearly connect their work to their price and second that they felt disregarded during the development process. We aim to offer transparency through our pledge to openly communicate.

This is actualized by the following practices:

Staffing experienced software development project managers who brainstorm strategies that reduce development costs

Verbally deconstructing project quotes

Prioritizing long-term client relationships over transactional payouts Utilizing a project management program which tracks and communicates progress.

Dependability Work

Dependability Through Guaranteeing Our Work

“We stand by our work. We prove this by guaranteeing client satisfaction with a formal set of policies including the “bug-free guarantee.”

All of our project’s include our guarantee of free bug fixes for 30 days after we deliver your project.

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