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What can I expect during the development process?

Every business enters the development process with different needs, budgets, goals, and challenges, and that means there’s no one path from ideation to app deployment. As such, we’ve created the DADEN 7-Step Development Process that can help us create a truly individualized process based on your business needs.

The journey may be different but the end is always the same: when you partner with DADEN, you can expect highly customized software that acts as a natural extension of your business. Here’s how we’ll get there:


Innovations sessions that help us gain a firm understanding of your business goals and needs.


Planning and wireframing that transforms your idea into tangible plans.


Visual design mockups that bring your application to life.


Development phase that brings together our expertise and your feedback.


Quality Assurance efforts that make sure the app functions exactly how you want.


Go Live and see your investment perform in the real-world.


Project maintenance to ensure ongoing success and long-term viability.