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Custom Software for the Enterprise

Your enterprise is stellar, but needs a tech touch.

You have brand recognition, a loyal customer base, and a powerful team. You already know what it takes to make things happen, but your current software isn’t where it needs to be.

Where do you go from here?

A Custom Enterprise Software Solution can strengthen and streamline your process behind the scenes.

When client-facing applications aren’t working the way you want, time is wasted and customers are unsatisfied. Your system or mobile application needs help without a major learning curve for the team who use it on a daily basis.

Featured Case Study

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The Emergency Assistance Plus
Custom Enterprise Mobile Application provides EA+ members convenient and modern access to their member benefits.

Travel Insurance, Enterprise Membership
Business Class | Enterprise

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Here are situations you’re running into:

Outdated Applications

Your application is outdated or isn’t working properly, and you’re losing business.

Needs Modernization

Your system works fine, but as an enterprise, it needs further customization for success.

Needs  Fresh Perspective

Stakes are high, and you need a software team transparent in their processes that can work alongside your team.

Needs a Trusted Partner

You’ve worked with a developer in the past and it was a negative experience, or they didn’t complete the project.

Let’s make that adjustment Together

DADEN Software wants to build a partnership with you.

We are ready to work with you and your team. With crystal clear objectives and outcomes, we develop a solid business relationship that spans outside of our initial project. We hand you the results you are looking for

We promise.

Here’s how we help in a big way:

Every web application, mobile app or custom software project follows  the DADEN 7-Step Development Process. You receive continuous updates throughout the entire process.

DADEN Innovation Session

Before signing a contract, we’ll dive into the business and technical scope of your project beyond the pre-concept, including any challenges, and then offer you an estimate.

Interactive Wireframes

While we work on the project, we give you a fully interactive mockup to play with.

Open Communication

We offer weekly updates where you can direct questions to the project and technology manager.

Intellectual Data Protection

If you’re not happy with the way things are going, we offer intellectual data protection so you can take your unfinished project elsewhere with no issues.

Outstanding Support

We offer an engineering focused support desk that is open 24/7, 365 days a year.

It’s All About the Process

Every Custom Software project that we touch follows the Daden 7-Step Development Process. From Innovation Sessions to Deployment, we’re in your corner.

We know this is a big deal.

Creating software that has the ability to help your business function at a greater capacity will change profitability significantly. Wait until the end result. You’re going to love it.

Is your Software Project on track?

Get our Development Audit Checklist and find out.