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Custom Software for Small Business

Small Business Software Development
with a Big Impact

Starting and growing your own business takes hard work, determination, and the ability to anticipate the needs of your customers, clients, or even your employees.

Custom-designed software can help you create the user experience you need to elevate your business, but only if it’s a reliable, organic extension of your brand.

A software development team that’s familiar with technology trends, end-user needs, and the complexities of web and native applications can be a valuable partner in your efforts. At DADEN, we recognize the impact software can have on your bottom line and reputation, and we’re dedicated to helping your business reach the next level of success now and in the future.

The DADEN Difference: Custom Software Your Small Business Can Depend On

We’re not just a software development firm, we’re a strategic partner that will work with you to build high-functioning, reliable software that will help your business thrive.

When you work with our team of skilled experts, you gain the experience, resources, and support you need to realize your entrepreneurial goals, whether they’re designed to improve internal workflows, bolster a customer-based community, or anywhere in between.

Communication & Transparency

Open and reliable lines of communication are essential for growth, and at DADEN, that’s exactly what we strive to provide for each and every client. Our dedicated program managers will work alongside your team to ensure that you know what to expect at every part of the journey. We’ll be transparent from day one, helping you navigate expectations, costs, timelines, and architecture decisions without skipping a beat.

Cost-Effective Development

Investing in customized software applications can help your business achieve new levels of growth, but only if it’s done right the first time. Poorly designed apps that don’t represent your business or its needs can become a significant drain on your budget and end up costing you more over time. At DADEN, we understand the value of getting it right the first time, and our development process and bug-free guarantee are designed to make sure your investment continues to help you grow your business for years to come.

Data Security

Today, data security can make or break a small business. We employ the most up-to-date technical regulations, standards, and processes to ensure your data, as well as that of end-users, is secure. When you work with DADEN, you can expect a partner that takes every precaution, including source-controlled systems and secured US-based workspace for all of our engineers.


Some business engagements can be short-lived, but when we partner with a new client, our goal is to build a relationship that lasts. We’re not just building your application, we’re helping you reach your goals, both now and in the future. When you partner with DADEN, you can expect 24/7 support, a team of experienced engineers, dedicated project managers, and a long-term partner. We even offer a bug-free guarantee to make sure you always get exactly what you expected.


Software applications can be a long-term investment, but that doesn’t mean your business will look the same one week, one month, or one year from now. When we design software applications, we know that agility is key to success. The dynamics of your business can and often do evolve. That’s why we’re dedicated to creating scalable software applications that can quickly and easily adapt to your ever-changing needs.

Small Business Success Story:

  Custom CRM – Web Application

Industries: Construction, Demolition, Environmental     |     Business Class: Small Business

As a multidisciplinary construction company with a reputation for superior demolition, environmental, and earthwork services, AMPCO needed a custom CRM that could optimize sales, marketing, and fulfillment efforts.

While many off-the-shelf CRMs can provide some level of customizations, AMPCO required one that could accommodate the intricate demands and customizations required to fulfill the needs of construction clients.

Together, we created AMPlify CRM, an application that allows AMPCO to seamlessly move clients from qualification to contract close while also making it easy to track assets, analyze costs, and provide unparalleled project management.

See The Full Case Study

What are the Small Business benefits
of External Software Development?

Cash flow management is the key to keeping a small business growing and thriving. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always leave room for building out high-performing software development teams that can build and maintain customized applications.

When you work with DADEN, you get a skilled set of engineers, dedicated project managers, and all the resources you need to achieve your goals without taking on the financial risks of creating software in-house.

Here are just a few benefits that you can expect when you partner with DADEN:
  • A team of expert partners that can help you build and scale your business
  • Project management resources to keep your goals on track
  • A detailed path forward that optimizes workflows
  • A long-term partner that’s with you at each stage of development
  • Valuable resources, industry insights that ensure your app meets user needs
  • A user experience that breeds customer, client, and employee satisfaction

How Much does Custom Small Business Software Development Cost?

Investing in customized software applications can yield long-term revenue growth, increased customer or client retention, and a positive reputation in your industry. Each of those things can be invaluable to the success of your business, but how much does small business software actually cost?

Your business isn’t one-size-fits-all; why should development costs be?


At DADEN, we recognize that each small business we work with brings a unique set of needs to the table. That’s why we offer highly customized estimates that incorporate every aspect of your software application needs and overall business goals. During our first meeting, we’ll discuss how customized software fits into your immediate and long-term plans so that we can provide you with the most accurate pricing available.

Looking for preliminary costs?

Use our Build an Estimate tool to get a high-level investment overview

What can I expect during the development process?

Every business enters the development process with different needs, budgets, goals, and challenges, and that means there’s no one path from ideation to app deployment. As such, we’ve created the DADEN 7-Step Development Process that can help us create a truly individualized process based on your business needs.

The journey may be different but the end is always the same: when you partner with DADEN, you can expect highly customized software that acts as a natural extension of your business. Here’s how we’ll get there:


Innovations sessions that help us gain a firm understanding of your business goals and needs.


Planning and wireframing that transforms your idea into tangible plans.


Visual design mockups that bring your application to life.


Development phase that brings together our expertise and your feedback.


Quality Assurance efforts that make sure the app functions exactly how you want.


Go Live and see your investment perform in the real-world.


Project maintenance to ensure ongoing success and long-term viability.