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It’s time to level up your Start-Up

You’re a visionary, and it’s time to start implementing your ideas.

Where do you go from here?

Building the initial software for your start-up is a make or break moment.

Having foundational tech is pivotal for long-term success and getting prospects to notice you. Having clunky or unusable applications this early in the game could leave you high and dry.

Featured Case Study

Burn Return Logo Black


BURN RETURN – Fitness Challenge
Custom Native iOS App with Apple Watch integration that is deployable to thousands of fitness users across the country.

Fintech, Lifestyle, Fitness
Business Class | Start-up

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Risks when investing in new software:

Lack of Transparency

Your software developer doesn’t educate you on what they’re producing, leaving you and your team in the dark.

Uncontrolled Cost

The cost of the project keeps building, and it wipes out a big chunk of your funding.

Doesn’t Achieve Your Goals

The software isn’t exactly what you wanted and eats into your time trying to work around it.

Incomplete Project

The project is unfinished and your stakeholders are upset or backing out.

Let’s figure this out Together

DADEN Software wants to build a partnership with you.

With crystal clear objectives and outcomes, we develop a solid business relationship that spans outside of our initial project. We hand you results.

We promise.

Here’s how we help build your Start-Up Empire:

DADEN Innovation Session

Before signing a contract, we’ll dive into the the business and technical scope of your project beyond the pre-concept, including any challenges, and then offer you an estimate.

Constant Updates

Instead of keeping you in the dark or being radio silent for weeks on end, we offer frequent updates from your project and technology managers.

Thoroughly Tested

We always test, test, and test again. Before your application goes live, we verify it with all parties and make sure it’s up to Client and the DADEN standards.

Intellectual data protection

If you’re not happy with the way things are going, we offer intellectual data protection so you can take your unfinished project elsewhere with no issues.

Outstanding Support

You’ll have world-class maintenance and support long after your project is done to keep things running without a hitch.

It’s all about the Process

Every Custom Software project that we touch follows the Daden 7-Step Development Process. From Innovation Sessions to Deployment, we’re in your corner.

This is your brain-child

and we want to help it grow.

Creating something meaningful for your business is what we do best. Ready for more information? Let’s collaborate.

Is your Software Project on track?

Get our Development Audit Checklist and find out.