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Purpose-built Fitness Challenge iPhone and Apple Watch Apps – BURN RETURN

by | Jan 5, 2021

Burn Return Logo Custom Mobile App


Fintech, Lifestyle, Health and Fitness

The Project

Fitness Challenge Application for iPhone and Apple Watch

Burn Return is a startup software company created to allow users to earn cash for moving how and when they choose. Seeking technical mentorship and development expertise, Burn Return partnered with DADEN Software to bring the product from ideation to market

The Challenge

As a startup company in the Fitness, Fintech space it was critical for Burn Return to find a development partner that has agility and experience delivering scalable software to help them succeed. Finding a development company with the multi-stack expertise to sufficiently gather wearable fitness data, associate that to a user profile, and allow appropriate banking features to securely facilitate challenges can be difficult.

Partnering DADEN’s architectural and business experience with Burn Return’s vision and industry knowledge, we were able to create a deployable minimum viable product (MVP) within months.


Native iOS Mobile Apps | Web Application | MySQL Database

The Solution

Created for the Apple iPhone, Burn Return allows users to sync their Apple Watch activity to the application and enter fitness challenges.

When a user enters the challenge, they pay an entry fee. During the fitness challenge, the app encourages the users with motivational messages to meet their caloric objectives each day. When the objectives of the challenge are met, the user’s entry fee is returned with an additional reward for their accomplishment.

In this project, we integrated with Apple HealthKit to extract real-time fitness details from the Apple Watch. Our engineers created a custom database backend and web services to transport the user’s data securely to the cloud for processing and determination of challenge status. Integration with Plaid’s SDK for banking access and transfers enables users to deposit and withdraw Burn Credit in just seconds. The application is built on scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies

The Results

Prior to contract commencement, DADEN Software provided resources to communities and mentors which helped Burn Return ideate and validate their business model.

As a testament to our dedication to helping our clients, the feedback they received from our community of partners was enough to convince their founding team to proceed with the product development.

Within 6 months, DADEN’s design and development team created a fully marketable iOS App with Apple Watch integration that is deployable to thousands of fitness users across the country.

The Burn Return team has the capability to dynamically and wholistically administrate the application using the secure Admin backend portal.

The Burn Return Fitness Challenge Application followed the

DADEN 7-Step Development Process

as does every custom software project we touch.

Services Provided

  • Identification of business goals and objectives
  • Innovation Sessions
  • Wireframing & Prototype Design
  • Technical Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Project Mamangement
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Deployment
  • Application Hosting & Maintenance